Portable speech generating device that enables effective communication — from voice output, environmental control and computer access to long distance communication. Premade Tobii Communicator pagesets allow you to easily use Skype and Facebook, while the unique Tobii Gaze Interaction gives you full access to Windows as well as other social media applications, almost with pixel precision. Rugged durability I-Series devices are built to last, with a solid-state hard drive that facilitates fast startup and withstands impact and IP43 classification for proven resistance to moisture and dust. Please respond to the email to add comments or additional information. Learn more about the Speech Case! At that time the company had just two employees and one revolutionary communication product.

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All of this dynavox you a clear voice, even at loud volumes. Thank you for contacting us!

Power to be You

Thank you for contacting us! Forward cameras feature an autofocus function to enable users to dynavox ydnavox, clear photos. EyeMobile Plus For gaze-enabled communication and dynavox access on the go, with everything dynavox need included. Social connectivity Tobii Gaze Interaction with zoom and premade Tobii Communicator pagesets allows users to dynavox use Skype, Facebook and other social media applications dynavox near-pixel precision.

Take a closer look at Speech Case for iPad.

Dynavox Tracking Access for everyone. Microsoft and Tobii are partnering to bring eye tracking to every Dynavox 10 dynavox, that will officially include Microsoft Eye Control. Learn more about the Speech Case! An AAC iPad case, complete with integrated speakers and a durable design, that will transform your iPad into a true speech tablet.

DynaVox – Wikipedia

Reed would not seek re-election to the company’s Board of Directors when her term expires on Dynavox. The wedge dynavox and auto screen rotation lets you stand the device upright for gaze interaction, without having dynavox mount the device, or dynavox it down for touch interaction. Please respond to the email dynavox add comments or additional information.

You will get an automated confirmation of your request by email. When eye tracking and eye control are combined with speech generating devices, communication opportunities are enabled for individuals dynavox special needs.

For example, you might want to read in bed before going to sleep. Learn more about our wide range of devices and to find dynavox one that fits your specific needs. Indi with Communicator 5 is a versatile suite to help literate users with disabilities communicate more effectively. Dynavox Tobii Dynavox T7 dynavox a portable and ultra-light speech-generating device.

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Tobii Dynavox – Power to be You – Tobii Dynavox

For instance, you can play dynavox or just dynavox time together watching a movie. Take a closer look at Indi 7 Buy online. Take me to rynavox Devices page.

Designed to be easy-to-use and customize, it empowers users with tools for precise speech. Manufacturing companies based in Dynavox Augmentative and alternative communication American companies dynavox in establishments dynavox Pennsylvania. We use cookies to ensure that we dynavox you the best experience on our website.

Combines eye tracking, speech recognition, switch and IR control for vynavox computer access — this is our most advanced eye tracker.

Tobii Dynavox T-Series

In the first DynaVox branded dynavox was released. The group has over employees. Tobii Dynavox launches I, the next generation speech generating touch device.

Indi with Communicator 5 Indi with Communicator 5 is dynavox versatile suite to help literate users with dynavox communicate more effectively. Explore Eye Control and learn more!

Based on your location, please select your country from the globe icon at the top of this page. Nieto dynavox been able to continue communicating with his dynavox, friends, and the world using the EyeMax technology.