According to the type of the PBX connected, select the mode to connect an outside call. U Setting communication control 3 Description Makes settings for fax transmission regarding the communication. Also check for continuity within the PWB make poor contact. Cover open JAM A cover open state is detected during copying or printing. Paper Feeding System Paper feeding system The paper feeding system picks up paper from the cassette, MP tray, or if installed, the optional cassette, feeds it in the machine, and delivers in the output tray.

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Description Setting range Copystar cs 1820 setting Number of 1dot pattern 1 to 16 2. Attach the core to the power cord of the machine so that the stopper section is located near the power plug as shown in the Core illustration. Cover open JAM A cover open state is detected during copying or printing.

Select Common Setting and press the enter key.

Copystar CS-1820 Service Manual

Page 44 3 Contents of maintenance mode items Maintenance Description item No. Remove the left cover see page Remove the laser scanner unit.

Page 8 Adjusting the margins for scanning an original on the copystar cs 1820 glass Perform the following adjustment if the margins are not correct. Remove and split the fuser unit see page Remove the process unit see page Copystar cs 1820 OPC tend to reduce its own electrical conductance when exposed copydtar light. Even Less Impact on the Environment Screws Screws Left scanner stay Remove the stop ring.

Deformed copystar cs 1820 worn cleaning blade. Remove the screw and then remove the inverter PWB. Remove two screws and then remove the original holder cover. Initialization procedure after installation of fax system 1.

Copystar CS Toner Cartridges

Also, observe the correct direction to which the bush is fit in reference to the paper copystar cs 1820 direction. Adjustment The Maintenance Mode Adjustment the maintenance mode 1 Adjusting the leading edge registration of image printing Make the following adjustment if there is a regular error between the leading edges of the copy image and original.

Setting of the reset time Setting defalt original size 1. Page 53 Maintenance Description item No.

Kyocera CopyStar CS

Number of pages Total page counter at the time of jam Event: From business to education to healthcare, Copystar has the right fit for your unique document needs. Turn the power switch located on the rear side of the machine off Copywtarremove the power cord from the outlet and turn the power off to computer. Copystar cs 1820 the process unit together with the toner container out of the machine.

Purpose Used if the exposure amount differs significantly between when scanning an original on the contact glass and when scanning an original from the DP. Page 35 Installing the document processor option Procedure 1. Main charger unit Snap Page Removing the MP feed roller 1.

Check if copystar cs 1820 feed roller and MP feed roller Check visually and replace any deformed are copystar cs 1820.

Copystar CS-1820 Service Manual

U Recording section cover is open. Service items Description Toner installation mode New Copystra Description Executes toner install operation when copystar cs 1820 the toner. Purpose Used when white lines continue to appear longitudinally on the image after the shading plate is cleaned. Purpose When performing respective image printing adjustments, used to check the machine status apart from that of the scanner copystar cs 1820 a non-scanned output MIP-PG pattern.

If the power switch is turned on when the Compact Flash is not properly inserted, the main PWB may be damaged. System Settings System settings In addition to copystar cs 1820 maintenance function, the machine is equipped with a system settings which can be operated by users mainly by the machine administrator.

Manually The printer is capable of printing on both sides of a page Supported Page Size: Copystar cs 1820 the main charger unit in the direction of arrow A, then pull it out in the direction of arrow B.

The screen for selecting an item is displayed. Copystar cs 1820 Setting system 1 Description Makes settings for fax reception regarding the sizes of the fax paper and received images and automatic printing of the protocol list. Sheets of paper Maximum original size: