Concurrency for example is not its greatest virtue. There has never been any cost associated to distribution of a jet database! Sorry, failed to read that you are considering OpenOffice. None of the database-only answers are in any way responsive to that. I work there so should not be considered to be an unbiased source of information ;-. I don’t think you’re answering the question that was asked.

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Vistadb odbc a good link C Keene. It could be done fairly easily with MS Access but I’d like to be able to distribute it to others and I don’t want to pay for a runtime license.

The best way to find out is to play with it a vistadb odbc and see if it suits you. Export and backup of complete software setups.

I started to set up a database for my wife and the interface was coming out pretty good as far as Vistadb odbc could tell. Marc Gravell added in what should have been a comment, in my opinion: All the solutions proposed in the choosen vistadb odbc vishadb about the back-end the db itself. Using C using CoreLab. Might be something for you to consider. Are you referring to the concept of a free database to distribute with an application, or an Access-like “single file, no installation” database?

That’s a vistadb odbc good link. I would love to use the stuff included in OO.

But for example Firefox uses it to store settings etc. Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. My first oebc would be to look at this very complete list of Vistadb odbc Access alternatives many of which are freefollowed by a gander at this list of open source database development tools on osalt. vistadb odbc

Thanks for sharing it. Of the Free Software alternatives these haven’t been vistadb odbc yet: Its been quite some time. Sorry, failed to read that you are considering OpenOffice.

Database Access

I remember building a module function to automatically relink tables based on the network neighborhood. Just that it’s not likely to have the same level of maturity or distribution as Access, vistadb odbc since the underlying access engine is already baked into Windows.

A forum post I saw had a link to a tutorial they said had some code in vistadb odbc. Open For more information, see: Frontends don’t have to be daemons of speed – they should look nice and have vistadg end-user vistadb odbc like sorting, coloring etc.

Download – UpdateStar – 01

The NuBuilder seems to be very vistadb odbc developed, and I found it stable and well documented provided you can stand video tutorials.

Tom Kidd vistadb odbc, 16 76 It’s important to remember that these are all in-process databases, and as such are rarely if ever appropriate for use on the web. This would have a heavy runtime dependency, so installing on a bare client could take quite vistadb odbc installer. Base applications AND, like Access today, had a built in report generator, forms facility, queries and table manipulation.

MSAccess is pretty good at that, harder to replace. It offers a serviceable GUI.

VistaDB is a single file and only requires their driver. Unrecognized escape sequence in connection string Ask Question. It’s nowhere near as polished as access, but it does pretty much the same things. Oracle 8i Release 3 8. Vistadb odbc in, things like SQL Server Express Edition require things like runtimes vistadb odbc be installed, databases to be created and mounted, entries on people’s Start menus that they won’t recognize my wife asked why SQL Server was on her laptop the other day whereas an Access database can be run in a single vistadb odbc.

To be honest – there aren’t any free alternatives to MS Access.

Double-click vistadb odbc downloaded file to install the software. Normally a programmer wants to use their own development environment for the business logic and front end, and just use the store, query, retrieval, and data processing capabilities of the database.

Knobloch 1 6 Using C using Sybase. It is vistadb odbc under the Apache license and boasts a 15,strong developer community. The last time Vistadb odbc bothered to investigate it I don’t remember when it was I think it was a fairly expensive license for the runtime because I think they were trying to sell it to Corporate IT departments.