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And the SoundStructure C-Series delivers clear, immersive sound, so your video and voice conferences are more productive. The digital microphone arrays require the processing of 12 analog inputs and are assigned to inputs 5 – 16 automatically, leaving the first four analog inputs available to be used with analog signals. Page Design Guide for the Polycom SoundStructure C16, C12, C8, and SR12 the following figure, not only are listener 2 and listener 3 farther away from the loudspeaker than listener 1 and receive less audio due to the inverse square relationship, but they also receive less audio from the loudspeaker due to the inherent 6 dB difference between the off-axis response from sounfstructure on-axis response of the loudspeaker.

The con- trols for these two styles of groups will be described next. A value of ok indicates that the system is operating normally.

The low impedance amplifiers are the type of amplifier used in consumer applications and the constant voltage amplifiers are used in larger, professionally installed systems.

Page meter and the text box next to the AGC meter.

The specific input and output processing will depend on the product family C-series or SR-series and is described later in this polucom. The value is valid in both on-hook and off-hook modes.

Polycom SoundStructure C16 Hardware Installation Manual

The device ID is important v16 ensuring that a system is downloav properly so that it matches the configuration that will be uploaded to the system. The maximum length of this cable is 10 feet 3 m. Page Advanced Applications The next step is to map the stereo program audio and video codec audio to the appropriate left and right loudspeakers in the room.

The room configuration will operate as follows. The zone numbering matches the room layout description. Customizing SoundStructure Designs and mute status may be adjusted on the matrix page or on the channels page. To add the soundstrucrure of the wireless and lectern microphones, the lectern microphone will only be reinforced into Amplifier zones 2 and 3 and pef in Amplifier zone 1.

Customizing SoundStructure Designs Collapse buttons respectively. Page 58 1, the podium mic on input 2, the table mics on inputsa stereo VCR is connected to inputs 11 and 12 and a Polycom HDX video codec is connected over the digital ConferenceLink interface. Dwonload SoundStructure Designs described in this section. References can be selected from any output signal or from any submix signal. An additional input gain parameter is provided to change the gain of the signal before the dynamics processor.

Device A’s inputs and outputs become the first sixteen physical inputs and sixteen outputs on the system, device B’s inputs and outputs become the next sixteen physical inputs and next sixteen physical outputs on the system, and device C’s inputs and output become the last sixteen physical inputs and sixteen physical outputs on the system.

Polycom SoundStructure

The blue background of these crosspoints is the visual indicator that the conferencing version of the input processing has been selected. To upload a configuration file to the SoundStructure devices, first open the SoundStructure Studio design file and then select the Connect menu and select Connect to Devices as shown in the following figure.

Note that no telephony card is required as the VTX will be the telephony interface. A reference can be either a mono virtual channel or a stereo virtual channel.

Specifications System Unless noted, all values are valid for all channels at 0 dB input gain. Table Of Contents Contents: If it is necessary to change the wiring from the default wiring, the virtual wiring may be diwnload by clicking and dragging signals from their current input or output to a new input or output as shown in the following figure.

The following figure shows different room gain downlod that may be found in a typical room. Full preset execution does not generate any command acknowledgements from the SoundStructure system. Modifications In accordance with part 15 of the FCC rules, the user is cautioned that any changes or modifications not expressly approved by Polycom Inc.

Polycom SoundStructure C-Series C16 – audio conferencing device

SoundStructure devices include the following styles of look-ahead dynamics processing. When the submix is a stereo virtual f16, the processing is applied equally to both the left and the right physical channels that define the stereo virtual channel. Customizing SoundStructure Designs input signal level and the gate threshold. Microphone Selection And Souncstructure, Microphone Fundamentals Microphone Selection And Placement The type of microphones used and their location will have the largest impact on the audio conferencing quality.


This figure shows the Zone 1 microphones. By default the SoundStruc- odf C8 is selected. Installing Soundstructure Devices, Configuration Files Installing SoundStructure Devices This chapter describes how to take the SoundStructure designs created in Chapters 4 and 5 and upload and confirm that the system is fully functional. When there are multiple simultaneous control sessions soundstructrue a SoundStructure system, the control session soundstructuure sends commands will also receive command acknowledgements for all of its commands.

Advanced Applications To ensure the wireless microphone will be the active microphone if the pre- senter with the wireless microphone is picked up by another nearby microphone, the automixer channel bias for the wireless microphone will be set to 6dB as shown in the following figure. C-series Input Processing C-Series Input Processing The input processing on the SoundStructure C-series devices is designed to make it easy to create conferencing solutions either with or without sound reinforcement.

This example shows how to use 8 analog microphones with a SoundStructure device connected to a Polycom HDX video conferencing system. Baud rates above 9, baud should have hardware flow control downloa on both the SoundStructure device and the control system or local PC. Some conference rooms require more audio capabilities than a standard conference phone or video system can provide.

Advanced Applications amplifier outputs can be adjusted with the balance control as shown in downkoad fol- lowing figure.

This continuation of the sequence of numbers is possible due to the design of the OBAM Link interface. Controlling The System Advanced Applications output 2.